Apprenticeships at Khadighar

We receive frequent inquiries re. internships or apprenticeships at Khadighar. We typically accept one individual  per season, occasionally two. Most apprenticeships run from mid-April to the first week of November, although we sometimes accept applicants for shorter seasons, especially if we already have someone for the full season. Apprentices do not pay to work here nor are they paid, beyond a weekly stipend (typically $50) to cover incidental needs which we do not provide. Applicants should be primarily interested in the learning experience here; otherwise we're not interested in them. What we offer is experience of veganic (plant-based) self-reliant gardening/farming; we do not accept apprenticeships for the Scatterseed Project, although seed-saving skills are part of the “curriculum”. We prefer candidates who are already used to a vegan diet. 

Apprentices learn about planning,  planting, cultivating, harvesting and processing/storing a wide range of crops, not merely vegetables but also grains, pulses, and permacrops. Making plant-based compost, shredding tree leaves, chipping brush and otherwise increasing soil tilth without relying on off-site inputs.

Apprentices live in a separate bunkhouse which is not winterised but has gas lights and stove. They should be prepared to cook their own meals (we provide most food), although typically we prepare and eat many meals together at the main house. Work hours are variable but typically from 9-5, sometimes later at rush seasons. Saturday is a day off. People wishing to learn more about our system without apprenticing can purchase my latest book: Will Bonsall's Essential Guide to Radical Self-reliant Gardening, either directly from me or from Chelsea Green Publishers.

Those interested in becoming an apprentice should email Will Bonsall at